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Heidelberg Materials manufactures headwalls for different end treatments to suit most common pipe sizes. Precast headwalls connect to concrete pipe as inlets and outlets for storm water ponds.

Precast Headwall Advantages

  • Improving pipe capacity and efficiency by reducing inlet/outlet losses
  • Reducing erosion around pipe outlets
  • Protecting pipe ends from traffic and maintenance equipment
  • Precast headwalls are ready to install without the onsite time lag necessary to install cast-in-place or sandbag headwalls

Headwalls Drawings:

Detailed dimensions are provided on drawings for all our Headwall products to assist with your design projects. Please contact us if you require additional information.


Type II Headwall


MOT SP582-0401 Sump Headwall
Type I Coquitlam Standard Sump Headwall

Type 11-13Type 14-15Type 16-20
Type 26-28 LongType 26-28 Short