Soil Remediation


The removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water.

Class 2 Acceptance Limits For Petroleum Contaminated Soil to Be Land-Filled*

*Material that meets the class 2 criteria can be disposed of at Cadman's permitted class 2 landfill. Incoming material will by stockpiled and tested for conformation at Cadman's Thermal Treatment Facility. If the conformation analytical results do not meet the limits of class 2 as defined above, it will be the customer's responsibility to either dispose of the material using Cadman's Thermal Treatment Facility or provide loading and transport of the material to an alternate disposal facility.

Class 3 Acceptance Limits For Petroleum Contaminated Soil To Be Thermally Treated


Class 2  Class 3
 Solid Waste Facility Permit #SW-204 Solid Waste Facility Permit #SW-017
 Soil Site Info Sheet  Soil Site Info Sheet


The Cadman criteria for acceptance is based on Chapter 173-340 WAC “The Model Toxics Control Act,” and the Washington State Department of Ecology’s publication entitled “Guidance for Remediation of Releases From Underground Storage Tanks.”

For more information, please download Cadman's acceptance specifications.

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