Ultra/Ecology Blocks

Ultra/Ecology Blocks

Ultrablock units offer an easy-to-build, structural retaining wall with many benefits.

These blocks are engineered and designed to build segmental modular concrete block retaining walls. In addition to retaining wall blocks, these units are also recommended and are utilized for all types of slope protection, landslide repairs, as an excellent alternative to crib-walls, gabions, rock/boulder walls, and timber lagging. There are a wide variety of uses for Ultrablock units in addition to slope protection including: containment bunkers, bulkheads, seawalls, wingwalls for bridges, barriers, retention ponds, culverts, wine storage facilities, etc. There uses are extremely diversified.


  • Versatile - can be used as a cut wall or fill wall with a variety of configurations
  • Aesthetic - 3 faces available
  • Economical - up to half the cost of cast-in-place
  • Designable to 30+ feet tall, build as a MSE (tieback) block retaining wall or a gravity retaining wall without tiebacks.


  •  29.5" x 29.5" x 59" (750mm x750mm x 1500mm)
  •  4320 lbs. (1960 kg)
Clearance Around Key 
  • 1/2" (12mm) - Chamfered corners provide 8sq in of drainage area per block
Lifting Provision
  •  A 7 strand galvanized steel loop at top center
Min. Radius of Curvature
  •  100' (30m) for walls one block thick. Use specialty blocks for tighter radii
Surface Finish 
  • Standard grade: One full / one side face free of large blemishes, shade of concrete may vary.
  • Utility grade: All surfaces may contain large blemishes, honeycomb, chips - concrete may be colored
  • Architectural: Specialized pattern such as Quarrystone or Cutstone
Concrete Strength 
  • Blocks are manufactured using surplus concrete and strength levels will vary. Guaranteed strength can be obtained with Schmidt Hammer Test or fresh concrete for additional charges.



Design Considerations: 

  • Always use free drainage backfill to allow drainage. Where high ground water conditions occur in the native ground, chimney or blanket drains may be required.
  • Coulomg (sliding wedge) or Rankine (earth pressure) analysis can be used to determine adequate resistance to sliding and overturning of the blocks.
  • Analysis must include additional loading effects of sloping backfill.
  • Consider additional transient or permanent loads behind the wall.
  • Bearing capacity of foundations including additional loads from backfill on wall should be considered
  • Prevent the migration of fines through the wall with use of filter material
  • Consider overall stability of retaining wall, backfill and subgrade



A concrete producer in the United States has an average of 1 to 2.5% of "returned concrete" to handle. A plant with 100,000 yards of annual volume could end up with over 2,000 yards of "returned concrete". This concrete is typically disposed of, potentially creating harmful effects for the environment. The alternative is to recycle this material, creating a useful post consumer product. Ultrablock is working with producers to use 100% of their "returned concrete" to produce the Ultrablock Retaining Wall System.

This "green" building product is available in 18 different shapes and sizes of segmental retaining wall blocks using 100% post consumer recycled concrete material.

  • Ultrablock units are registered as a "Green Technology Product" by the State of Oregon.
  • Ultrablock units are listed as a "Recycled Product" by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.
  • By using Ultrablock units, your project may qualify for up to 4 LEED credits.

For more information, please contact

1-800-377-3877 (General) or (360) 354-1400 x 1  (Whatcom County)