Edmonton Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage

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Lehigh is developing North America’s first full-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) solution for the cement industry at its Edmonton plant, with the goal of capturing approximately 780,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually. Captured emissions would be transported via pipeline and permanently sequestered by Enbridge. Subject to the award of carbon sequestration rights and regulatory approvals, the project could be in service as early as 2025.

Combined, the emissions from Capital Power and Lehigh’s planned carbon capture projects represent an opportunity to avoid nearly 4 million tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions. Once built, the Open Access Wabamun Carbon Hub will be among the largest integrated CCUS projects in the world.


Lehigh Cement is committed to operating in a safe and responsible manner while  manufacturing and supplying sustainable cement products for our customers in Edmonton and the Alberta market.


During the past several years, Lehigh has worked with local and state officials to develop increased infrastructure surrounding the plant, which ultimately will benefit the new facility. This includes a road connecting the plant to IN-37, alleviating truck congestion from the center of town. Overall logistics will also change to accommodate additional rail activity to handle increased cement shipments from the plant.