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Flared Ends and Castings

Flared ends connect to concrete pipe as inlets and outlets for storm water ponds and culverts under roadways and approaches.

Flared Ends

Flared Ends

Flared ends come in a range of sizes for 300mm –1500mm concrete pipe and have sloped ends.

Round grates (animal grates) are also available with and without a gate for pipe and flared ends. Round grates help to keep animals out and prevent debris from entering the storm system.

For more information about Inland Pipe flared ends, view our full catalog of products available in your area.



Ocean Pipe stocks a variety of municipal cast iron products including frames, covers and grates to fit with your end treatments products.


Detailed dimensions are provided on drawings for all our flared end products to assist with your design projects.
Please contact us if you require additional information.

Flared Ends:

300 mm375 mm450 mm600 mm
750 mm900 mm1050 mm1200 mm