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Ocean Pipe manufactures precast headwalls to suit most common pipe sizes.


Precast Headwall Advantages

  • Improving pipe capacity and efficiency by reducing inlet/outlet losses
  • Reducing erosion around pipe outlets
  • Protecting pipe ends from traffic and maintenance equipment
  • Precast headwalls are ready to install without the onsite time lag necessary to install cast-in-place or sandbag headwalls.

Headwall Drawings:

Detailed dimensions are provided on drawings for all our Headwall products to assist with your design projects. Please contact us if you require additional information.

Type II Headwall

MOT SP582-0401 Sump Headwall
Type I Coquitlam Standard Sump Headwall

TYPE 11-13TYPE 14-15TYPE 16-20
TYPE 26-28 LongTYPE 26-28 Short