Gulf Coast Stabilized Materials offers customers quality products for a variety of projects, and with our numerous locations in the Houston area, quickly provides customers with materials meeting TXDOT, ASTM and local county and city specifications.​​​

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Image of Gulf Coast Stabilized Materials

Stabilized Sand

Our Stabilized Sand is a created with a unique mixture of cement, water and sand.  Stabilized Sand is a vital construction material, especially for projects located on the Gulf Coast, where the topography requires additional reinforcement to ensure the infrastructure and foundation of the project remains secure.

Stabilized Sand is commonly used in the following projects:

  • Blanket Wrap for Utility Pipelines
  • Highway I​nfrastructure & Retaining Walls
  • Airport Runways
Image of GCSM Products Stabilized Base

Stabilized Base

Our Stabilized Base is formulated from base materials that are treated with cement and is most widely used as the foundation for roads, buildings, and other vital infrastructure.


  • Base for Roads and Highways
  • Foundations for Buildings
Image of GCSM Products Select Fill

Select Fill/Banksand

Our Select Fill and Banksand specialty materials are utilized specifically for blanket wrap water lines and for the construction of concrete foundation slabs for both commercial and residential projects.


  • Blanket Wrap for Water Lines
  • Residential/Commercial Concrete Foundation Slabs