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Digital Solutions to Build With

The future of our industry at your fingertips.

Taking advantage of digital solutions offered by building materials companies, like Heidelberg Materials, can significantly benefit both commercial and residential builders by streamlining different parts of your operations. 

For commercial builders, our tools optimize supply chain management, enabling efficient sourcing of materials and reducing project downtime. Additionally, digital platforms can enhance coordination and ensure timely completion of construction projects. For residential builders, digital solutions offer similar advantages, allowing for better project management, cost control, and communication with clients.

Our digital tools allow for cost and time savings because we understand the importance of staying ahead of schedule and under budget.

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Saving More Than Time & Money

At Heidelberg Materials, we embrace digitalization and the ability to deliver easier, more efficient service – all while being more sustainable. Our digital innovations reduce paper usage to help minimize the carbon footprint of construction projects while allowing our customers easy access to their history and order delivery information.

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Heidelberg Materials is adopting new, digital ways of working


Get access to real-time order data


Run your business more efficiently

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Transparency and control over your information


Lessen impact on the environment


Meet Our Digital Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering easy to use, innovative solutions to make your work easier.



OnSite, our exclusive mobile app powered by HConnect, is designed for superintendents, site contacts and testers alike.

Our app gives you the ability to maximize project site efficiency for concrete pours with: 

  • Real-time tracking of your concrete deliveries, without needing to take time to call the dispatch office
  • The ability to review your order information for all orders
  • Pour notifications about your orders

 Learn more about OnSite and how it can support you and your team.

 To download OnSite, visit your app store:

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Hub, our exclusive customer portal, is designed for accountants, plant managers, estimators and admins.

Heidelberg Materials' Hub, powered by HConnect, offers our customers: 

  • Real-time access to research past and current orders and tickets
  • Support for your accounting team's reconciliation process with access to invoices and statements
  • Quick access to cement mill test reports, cement letters of certification and Safety Data Sheets

 Learn more about Hub and how it can provide 24/7 access for you and your team.

 Access the Hub.

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SmartRock® makes it easy to connect to the sensor onsite with your phone. An optional upgrade to our system, the SmartHub, takes it a step further, replacing the need for you to physically visit the site and connect to the sensor via your phone. Instead, simply leave the compact, lightweight SmartHub at the job site, where it will pick up all the data remotely and send it to anyone who’s shared on the project.

 What will you do with the extra time SmartHub saves you by grabbing sensor data in real-time and sending it to your phone? 

Learn how to save time and money with SmartRock®.

Find out more about Giatec and how digital solutions are changing the concrete industry.

Mobile Quick Ticket

Heidelberg Materials is revolutionizing customer access and information sharing implementing Mobile Quick Ticket, a QR Code on our trucks.

 What Mobile Quick Ticket does for our customers:

  • Allows customers, inspectors, and job site personnel to view concrete tickets easily
  • View all tickets for a pour with batch weights and request additional products
  • Digitally manage tickets, reduce confusion, and quickly locate misplaced tickets

 Learn how to reduce your paper usage with Mobile Quick Ticket.

Load Assurance

With the help of Command Alkon's Load Assurance, Heidelberg Materials is transforming concrete delivery with real-time insights. Load Assurance: 

  • Simplifies ordering eliminates guesswork, prevents overordering, and saves costs
  • Reduces the risk of rejected loads, improves customer trust, and streamlines operations
  • Provides visible proof of concrete quality, enabling earlier pours, eliminating wait times, and reducing costs tied to idle personnel

 Get peace of mind with Load Assurance.

i check


i.check, turns your smart phone into a technical resource for concrete and masonry troubleshooting with visual demonstrations, technical instructions and checklists on how to resolve and prevent common issues. Download for free using the buttons below.

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