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Delivery tracking and order management

HConnect is Heidelberg Materials' suite of digital products that offer an end-to-end experience for our customers driving our revenues while reducing cost of service.

Heidelberg Materials' exclusive mobile app, OnSite, powered by HConnect, provides peace of mind in the moment of a concrete delivery while helping with day-to-day scheduling and decision making.

OnSite is built to support you and your team.


Helps superintendents know when
the next truck is coming.

digital transparency

Gets data into the project
manager's hands with less paper.


Provides order visibility to
testers and site contacts.


Your orders at a glance

Order Card

  • Visibility into your upcoming or completed orders
  • See confirmation status of your orders
  • View the estimated arrival time of your next truck
Overview screen and site contact holding phone

Project and schedule screen view on OnSite app

Here to make your life efficient

Schedule Screen

  • Follow your concrete delivery in detail from first load to last pour
  • See the status of your truck without calling into dispatch
  • Organize your team according to the accurate statuses

Convenience of real-time tracking

Map View

  • Get peace of mind by knowing exactly where your trucks are
  • Account for traffic in the truck ETA
  • Quick button to travel to the jobsite on your maps
RMC truck and map view on OnSite app

Person holding phone and OnSite order confirmation screen

Confirm with a click

Order Confirmation

  • Receive a notification to confirm your upcoming order
  • Review order details and easily adjust the quantity
  • Confirm the order with the click of a button