Load Assurance
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Load Assurance

Peace of mind with every pour.

All loads will display slump, temperature, volume, water, drum speed, and pressure on a real-time display board on the truck cab. This means faster and better decisions on your jobsites about your concrete.

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Experience Consistent Quality with Truck's Arrival

Prevent Unnecessary Addition of Water

Reduce Rejected Loads with Digital Supervision



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Consistency from Load to Load

  • Ensures uniformity in concrete properties across multiple batches
  • Provides information such as slump, temperature, and water-cement ratio



Streamlining Quality Assurance

  • Provides visible assurance that concrete meets specifications
  • Addresses water abuse and disputes over slump for better efficiency and reliability
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Pavers Smoothing



Time and Cost Savings

  • Eliminates the need for as much time consuming testing 
  • Reduces costs associated with idle personnel and enhances overall productivity
  • Builds customer trust


How Load Assurance Works

For more information on technical specifications, visit commandalkon.com

Real-Time Monitoring

The probe in our trucks’ drum ensures continuous contact with the material and provides real-time concrete properties

Data Analysis

Data from the probe is transmitted back to the batch operator, allowing for future load adjustments

Information Display

The display board on the exterior of our trucks showcase speed, temperature, volume, water added and slump in real-time

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