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Edmonton CCUS

Unlocking the Future of Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Heidelberg Materials' Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) project in Edmonton, Alberta, is a global first mover initiative, set to revolutionize the cement industry by creating the world's first full-scale carbon capture project at a cement plant. This cutting-edge facility will play a pivotal role in combating climate change, capturing over 1 million tonnes of CO2 annually from our cement production and integrated combined heat and power facility.  


Revolutionizing the Cement Industry 

The cement industry is a significant source of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Our full-scale carbon capture project will set a new standard, showcasing how sustainability can be integrated into cement production. By capturing more than 1 million tonnes of CO2 annually, we are making a profound positive impact on the environment and driving the industry towards a low-carbon future.

To put the scale of our CCUS project into perspective, imagine the following equivalents of 1 million tonnes of CO2 removal:

  • Taking approximately 220,000 cars off the road for one year.

  • Providing electricity to over 190,000 homes for one year.

  • Preserving over 1,192,000 acres of forest in one year.

These numbers reflect the tangible difference our project will make in combating climate change and preserving our planet for future generations.


Evolving With Edmonton

Heidelberg Materials' CCUS project goes beyond emissions reduction. It is a catalyst for economic growth and job creation. Throughout the construction phase we will create more than 6,000 person years of employment in Edmonton, Alberta, providing a boost to the local economy. This project not only represents a leap forward in sustainability, but also an opportunity to foster prosperity and a brighter future for the community. 

"I am pleased to see that the Heidelberg Materials carbon capture, utilization and storage solution pilot project will be going into production shortly. The Edmonton region is uniquely positioned to decarbonize large industrial facilities such as this cement plant. (…) this announcement supports the City of Edmonton’s commitment to transition to a low-carbon future and reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. By preserving our environment and diversifying our economy in innovative ways, we can build a more sustainable Edmonton for all of us."

- Mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi 

Sustainability Commitments

Sustainability Commitments  

At Heidelberg Materials, we believe in taking action to preserve our planet. Our CCUS project is an industry game-changer, demonstrating our commitment to innovation in sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By capturing and storing vast amounts of CO2, we're making significant strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and paving the way for a greener future. 

The Edmonton Project will contribute to Heidelberg Materials’ vision to lead the decarbonization of the cement industry. Actively contributing to the development of the new 1.5°C framework, Heidelberg Materials was the first company in the cement sector to have its targets endorsed by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in 2019. 

Learn more about Heidelberg Materials Sustainability Commitments

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