Lehigh Hanson Encourages Participation in the Quarry Life Award
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Lehigh Hanson Encourages Participation in the Quarry Life Award


Lehigh Hanson, Inc., a North American subsidiary of HeidelbergCement, is encouraging students, researchers and interested others to participate in the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award, HeidelbergCement’s international research and education competition. The Quarry Life Award program focuses on mining sites and seeks to raise awareness about the biological value of mineral extraction sites worldwide.

Promoting biodiversity is a priority for Lehigh Hanson and HeidelbergCement and an important part of both companies’ sustainability strategy. Over the last four editions, nearly 1,000 researchers took a look at 100 quarries across the globe to explore ideas on how to protect nature and promote a high diversity of local flora and fauna

To participate in the new edition of the competition, students, researchers, NGOs and local communities can submit a project proposal in the “Research” or “Community” streams. A maximum of six project ideas in North America will be selected by a jury of experts from NGOs as well as Lehigh Hanson specialists. Participants have until November 18, 2021, to submit project proposals. From January to September of 2022, Lehigh Hanson will then open its participating quarries for the realization of the selected projects.

In the fall of 2022, the North American jury will grant four national awards: two for the best projects in the research stream and two for the best projects in the community stream with prizes of €5,000 and €2,500 (approximately $6,000 and $3,000 in U.S. dollars). Simultaneously, all participating projects will also be individually assessed by an international jury and will compete for international prizes. The best projects in each of the six categories will receive an international award of €10,000. The best project overall will receive €30,000.

Lehigh Hanson has selected four quarries to participate in the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award: the High Rock Quarry in Monroe, Washington; the Eagle Mills Sand & Gravel Plant in Arkansas; the Lincoln Quarry in Lincoln, Illinois; and the Connellsville Quarry in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

“We believe the Quarry Life Award program is a great fit with our commitment to biodiversity at our mining sites and our ambitious sustainability goals at Lehigh Hanson,” said Gregory Ronczka, Vice President of Environment & Sustainability. “It is also an opportunity to work directly with students, researchers and the community on projects that benefit the communities where we operate.”

Learn more about the Quarry Life Award on the web at www.quarrylifeaward.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/quarrylifeaward.