Heidelberg Materials Hosts Indiana Economic Development Corporation at the Mitchell Cement Plant
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Heidelberg Materials Hosts Indiana Economic Development Corporation at the Mitchell Cement Plant

Heidelberg Materials was pleased to host representatives from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) at its Mitchell Plant on March 21 for a discussion around the expansion project and the impact that it will have on the local and regional economy of Indiana. The Mitchell team welcomed the IEDC’s Andrea Richter-Garry, Senior Vice President Global Strategy & Engagement; Ben Smith, Vice President Energy Innovation & Solutions; Julian Winborn, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator; and Joe Tamborello, Social Media and Community Manager, for an update on the construction project and the wide-ranging benefits that the new plant will bring to the community. 

The group also took time to discuss the recent U.S. Department of Energy grants awarded to Heidelberg Materials and technical partners to evaluate feasibility of carbon capture technology for the new plant as well as the potential for storage at the site.  Heidelberg Materials leadership, including Axel Conrads, Midwest Region President; Tom Capelli, Vice President of Finance; Tom O’Neill, Vice President of Cement Operations; Toby Knott, Vice President of Cement Sales; Tracy Crowther, Mitchell Plant Manager; Greg Ronczka, Vice President of Environment and Sustainability; and David Perkins, Vice President of Government Affairs and Communications, were all on hand to share various aspects of the construction process, the operational aspects of the plant as well as the long-term vision on strategy to evaluate and implement carbon capture and storage at the site.

“With our long-term investment and the many ways this facility will bring economic benefits to Mitchell and the region, engaging with our leaders at the State of Indiana through opportunities like these is such a meaningful investment,” said Conrads.

Following the discussions, the Mitchell team led the group on an in-depth walking tour of the plant to showcase the most recent progress on construction.