Heidelberg Materials North America Encourages Participation in the Sixth Edition of the Quarry Life Award
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Heidelberg Materials North America Encourages Participation in the Sixth Edition of the Quarry Life Award

QLA 6th Edition

Heidelberg Materials North America announces the kickoff and encourages participation in the sixth edition of the Quarry Life Award, a nature-based competition across more than 15 countries worldwide. Researchers, students, local communities, NGOs and nature lovers can pitch ideas for sustainable quarry management and compete for cash prizes.

To participate in the new edition of the competition, students, researchers, NGOs and local communities can submit a project proposal in the “Research” or “Community” streams related to Heidelberg Materials' quarries. A maximum of six project ideas in North America will be selected by a jury consisting of experts from NGOs as well as Heidelberg Materials specialists. Participants have until November 18, 2024, to submit project proposals. From January to September 2025, those accepted proposals will be developed and evaluated for the realization of the selected projects.

In the fall of 2025, the North American jury will grant up to six national awards: three for the best projects in the research stream and three for the best projects in the community stream with prizes of €4,000, €2,000 and €1,000 (approximately $4,300, $2,150 and $1,100 in U.S. dollars). Simultaneously, six projects (three per stream) will also be individually assessed by an international jury and will compete for international prizes totaling around €300,000 (approximately $324,000 in U.S. dollars).

“The Quarry Life Award program is a great fit with our commitment to biodiversity and space for nature at our mining sites,” said David Perkins, Vice President of Government Affairs & Communications and the Quarry Life Award National Coordinator for Heidelberg Materials North America. “This is a great opportunity to collaborate with students, researchers and our neighbors on projects that benefit the communities where we operate.”

As a unique flagship initiative in the building materials industry, the Quarry Life Award was first established in 2011 and has since generated over 450 innovative project ideas to promote and protect biodiversity. Over the last five editions, nearly 1,100 participants in more than 100 quarries have investigated how to protect nature and promote a high diversity of local flora and fauna. 

Visit www.quarrylifeaward.com for more information.