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Hot Mix

Most asphalt is hot mix and it’s the core product of asphalt paving. As the name implies, it’s heated to between 300 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then mixed with aggregates to create a pliable mixture that can be placed and compacted. It’s used for most applications, from full-depth roadways in new construction or reconstruction to overlays for surface repairs. Our hot mix asphalt designs can be optimized based on the use, environment, and specific needs of your project. This flexibility, combined with our continual innovation, provides value to our customers.


Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt’s near universal use as a paving material and its shorter life cycle make it one of America’s most recycled materials. Existing asphalt pavement is reclaimed and reused to produce new roads. In addition to reusing the aggregate, the asphalt cement binder is reactivated and reused as well. Some recycled pavement mixes also incorporate old asphalt roofing shingles and tires. Such practices conserve natural resources, reduce the carbon footprint of road building and save landfill space.


Specialty Products

A number of innovative asphalt products are emerging to meeting evolving needs. One such new material is epoxy asphalt, which offers greater durability than conventional asphalt for use on bridge decks and other high performance applications. Pervious asphalt allows water to pass though it rather than run off of it, reducing the need for drainage systems and retention ponds. And thin asphalt overlays are an option for renewing both asphalt and concrete roads in need of resurfacing or reconstruction.