Warm Mix Asphalt - Heidelberg Materials
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Warm Mix

Warm mix asphalt is produced and placed at lower temperatures – typically between 200  to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, sustainability is a matter of degrees. The lower temperature saves energy and reduces the production of greenhouse gases. Because it does not cool as fast as its hot-mix counterpart, it can be placed at lower temperatures and shipped for longer distances. Warm mix technology has been widely embraced. It’s now used in more than 30% of all asphalt paving projects. Our warm mix asphalt designs can be optimized based on the use, environment, and specific needs of your project.


Recycled Asphalt

Asphalt’s near universal use as a paving material and its shorter life cycle make it one of America’s most recycled materials. Existing asphalt pavement is reclaimed and reused to produce new roads. In addition to reusing the aggregate, the asphalt cement binder is reactivated and reused as well. Some recycled pavement mixes also incorporate old asphalt roofing shingles and tires. Such practices conserve natural resources, reduce the carbon footprint of road building and save landfill space.