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The evolution of sustainable building materials.

Whether you’re looking to reach your sustainability targets without compromising performance or aiming to lower the carbon footprint of your project, EvoBuildTM Low Carbon Concrete can help you achieve your goals. EvoBuildTM is more than a new product line, it’s a way of working alongside you to help you reach these sustainability goals—all while keeping you on time, on budget and on target.

EvoBuild Low carbon Concrete being rolled out and developed across our concrete markets.  It is available for a variety of applications, our product range consists of EvoBuildTMBronze, EvoBuildTMSilver, EvoBuildTMGold and EvoBuildTMZero. This range takes your specific targets, timelines and budget into account, ensuring that there is a sustainable solution for every project. Ask your sales representative about EvoBuild TM: The evolution of sustainable building materials.

Setting and Achieving Sustainability Targets without Sacrificing Performance

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2. Cutting Edge Tools


3. Sustainable Product Formulations



How Concrete Got Greener

Concrete is arguably the most versatile building materials on earth. Its strength and performance are unmatched in countless applications. Though this incredible building material has ushered in new eras of progress and promise since its inception, its future hinges on one important question: can we lower the carbon footprint of concrete? 

The answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

EvoBuildTM low carbon concrete was specifically designed to do just that, utilizing multiple carbon reduction levers to help customers not only meet their sustainability targets, but do what concrete has always done—exceed what was previously thought possible. It is the result of decades of research, development and testing—of challenging ourselves as a company to evolve.

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The EvoBuildTM Range:‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎reducing the carbon footprint of concrete               


Dial up the green. Dial down the CO 2

A sustainable solution for every application. Available in range of Co2 reduction levels specifically- formulated for every application. Ask us to learn more about the difference we'll make together.

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Our Sustainability Story: More Than A Promise

Sustainability story

Words Form a Promise, but Actions Tell the Story.


As our world faces the reality of climate change, we are called to confront this challenge with real solutions. Unlike current trends that label a product or process as ecofriendly without supporting that claim, these solutions must be grounded in evidence, and action. They must have a measurable and sizable impact in the advance toward carbon neutrality. 


As leaders in our industry, we at Heidelberg Materials have the resources and expertise to tackle this challenge. Utilizing the unique insights and collaborative expertise of our people, with a global reach across more than 50 countries, we draw from scientifically-proven data to proactively create solutions and implement sustainable practices.


Every area of our operations, from raw materials to product development, from transport to end use—and ultimately reuse—continues evolving to drive our progress.




Embodied Carbon Versus Operational Carbon

How the carbon footprint of a building material is calculated...

Embodied carbons are emissions from manufacturing, transporting and installing building materials—as well as their end-of-life state and reuse. This is different from operational carbon, which are related to the energy efficiency of a structure during its use and have primarily been the focus of builders and policymakers in decades past. This shift to a focus on embodied carbons has created new opportunities for carbon footprint reduction.

While the thermal mass of concrete can be used to lower the operational emissions of a structure, EvoBuildTMis designed to address the entire life cycle of concrete in order lower embodied emissions.


embodied carbon versus operational

As part of the circular economy, concrete can be recycled at the end of its life and reintroduced into the lifecycle of new products.


Actions with Impact

To Support Our Sustainability Goals With Actions, We:

icon3 copyProduce resilient construction materials that support sustainable construction practices


icon2 copyEngage in science-based research that drives innovation and delivers long-term results

icon3 copyInvest in efficient equipment and cutting-edge technology that reduces our reliance on energy and water


icon2 copySupport Green Building Councils and local and national trade associations to lead sustainable solutions for the built environment



Digital Solutions

Heidelberg Materials aims to position itself as an industry leader in digital innovation. Our exclusive app, i.check, turns your smart phone into a technical resource for concrete and masonry troubleshooting with visual demonstrations, technical instructions and checklists on how to resolve and prevent common issues. OnSite, powered by HConnect, gives you the ability to maximize your project site efficiency for concrete pours. Heidelberg Materials' customer portal, Hub, powered by HConnect, offers our customers: Real-time access to research past and current orders and tickets; Support for your accounting team's reconciliation process with access to invoices and statements; and Quick access to cement mill test reports, cement letters of certification and Safety Data Sheets. Another digital solution includes our mobile ticketing for ready mixed concrete. It'll help your team get a better handle on paperwork from the job site and limit human touch - all while reducing waste. 

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