Hanson’s three principal product lines -- aggregate, concrete, and asphalt -- serve the needs of residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction. Each is backed by testing and laboratory facilities to ensure uniformly high-quality products that meet or exceed all relevant codes and standards. 

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Hanson Western PA Aggregates


It’s hard to imagine a more universal material than aggregates – the crushed stone, sand and gravel that is everywhere and part of everything we build. Hanson supplies aggregates for a variety of uses:

• Limestone
• Natural sand and gravel
• Manufactured (crushed) stone and sand
• Rip-rap
• Base material for roadways and parking lots
• Asphalt concrete
• Ready mixed concrete
• Ballast

Hanson Ready Mix


Concrete is the world’s most widely used construction material, and most of it comes in the form of ready mixed concrete. The familiar trucks with the revolving drums mix the three basic components of concrete: cement, water and aggregate. Hanson supplies ready mixed concrete for a variety of uses:

• Lightweight concrete to reduce the deadload of structural components
• Exposed aggregate and other decorative finishes
• Stain-resistant concrete for commercial and industrial construction
• Fiber-reinforced concrete to control cracking 
• Flowable fill for backfill, pipe bedding and road or floor bases
• High-strength concrete for buildingS and bridges
• Self-consolidating concrete that flows into place for smooth, level finishes
• Public works mix designs certified by state highway departments and municipalities

Hanson Asphalt


Asphalt consists of aggregates – sand, gravel or crushed stone - bound together asphalt cement, a petroleum product refined from crude oil. Hanson provides a variety of standard and specialty asphalt products to meet the challenges of infrastructure renewal:

• Hot-mix asphalt used for most roads, streets, parking lots and driveways
• Warm-mix asphalt produced at lower temperatures to save energy 
• SuperPave, mix designs that improve pavement performance
• Public works mix designs certified by state highway departments and municipalities 
• Overlay courses and top coats 
• Base and middle courses for full-depth asphalt roads