Beginning in January 2023, Lehigh Hanson and the majority of our affiliated North American brands will be transitioning to unify under one brand: Heidelberg Materials. Mayco Mix is now in the process of rebranding. 

As we transition to Heidelberg Materials, our focus continues to be on what we do best—heavy building materials—and delivering a premier customer experience. By joining forces across North America, we will be stronger than ever—driving change and transforming our industry.

Mayco Mix

Mayco Mix has grown from a small business into a major enterprise, founded on principles of integrity, dependability, and professionalism. Mayco Mix promises to provide customers with excellent service, consistently superior product quality, and innovative solutions at value-driven, competitive prices. Based in Nanaimo since 1977, Mayco Mix, a division of Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited became a Lehigh Hanson affiliated company in 2001.


Mayco Mix works as a team, sharing ideas and nurturing individual strengths. We provide our customers with the best possible service, and at the same time, work together to build our local community.

Mayco Mix initiated the Mayco Concrete Driver Mentor Program for concrete mixer drivers, plant personnel, and customer service representatives to maintain the highest standards of service. The Mayco team is kept up-to-date about the latest products, services, and environmental initiatives to provide market-leading service and expertise on-site and off-site across Mid Vancouver Island.

Concrete Construction Resources

Concrete is one of the world’s most versatile and durable construction materials.  Yet, its remarkable qualities can be made even better – and it can last even longer – by following some basic best practices for quality construction.  Over the years, we have compiled a list of common challenges and information on how to solve them. Click here for some best practices about finishes and sealers, curing and cleaning.  We are members of many concrete trade organizations and offer our customers links to many excellent concrete information sheets and technical bulletins.

Concrete in Practice

ACI Concrete Testing Videos

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Want more information on ready mixed concrete and its applications? Click here.

Request Credit

Credit Application

At Mayco Mix, the relationships we have with our customers are important to us. As a simple way of securing all the advantages Mayco Mix has to offer, we encourage our customers, both new and returning, to create a professional credit account.

Complete the form online, print it and then physically sign the application. After signing the application, scan and email it to or fax it to (866) 543-4579. We will process your submission, and you should receive a decision notification within 72 hours.

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