Heidelberg Materials welcomes delegation to Athens, Georgia Quarry
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Heidelberg Materials welcomes delegation to Athens, Georgia Quarry

Last week, in coordination with the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association (GCAA), Heidelberg Materials hosted a tour for a delegation of elected officials at our Athens, Georgia quarry. The Athens based delegation included State Representatives Marcus Wiedower, Spencer Frye and Houston Gaines along with State Senator Frank Ginn.

The visit included a tour of the quarry and time with staff to discuss some important topics facing the aggregates industry.

“It is always valuable for us to have the opportunity to have dialogue with our elected officials”, said Scott Dickson, President Southeast Region for Heidelberg Materials North America. “This was a great chance for us to highlight our commitment to safety and sustainability in our day-to-day operations.”

Heidelberg Materials remains committed to developing specifications for recycling of waste concrete and asphalt back into reusable aggregates and hopes to work with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) on future use. GDOT has already allowed for a greater portion of recycled materials in graded aggregate base (GAB). Working together to implement solutions like these is a great example of government and industry collaboration.