Heidelberg Materials’ Delta, BC, Plant Now Producing 100% EcoCem® Portland Limestone Cement
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Heidelberg Materials’ Delta, BC, Plant Now Producing 100% EcoCem® Portland Limestone Cement

Heidelberg Materials is pleased to announce that their Delta, BC, cement plant has recently switched to producing 100% EcoCem® portland limestone cement (PLC). EcoCem®PLC is a portland limestone cement that contains up to 15% limestone and generates approximately 10% less CO₂ compared to other portland cements. With the equivalent performance to ASTM and CSA standards for Type I/II portland cement in strength and durability, EcoCem®PLC can be used in any application where portland cement Type I (GU) is normally used while still delivering consistency, versatility, and performance.

The Delta cement plant has been in operation since the 1970’s and has undergone extensive modernization over the years to incorporate best-in-class process improvements. As a state-of-the-art, highly efficient facility, the company and its employees have been active members of the local community, providing support for organizations such as The Delta Hospital Foundation, Delta Family Assist, and the Burns Bog Conservation Society.

Prior to the full transition to EcoCem®PLC production, the plant had already taken steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by using low carbon alternative fuels. This is a key driver in Heidelberg’s sustainability journey towards reducing its carbon footprint, helping to decarbonize the cement sector, and helping to reduce embodied carbon in the built environment.

Having recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, Heidelberg Materials is proud of its transformative progress in helping to shape the modern world to date. By developing smart, new materials like EcoCem® PLC, which generates less CO2, this means the world’s second most consumed material, concrete, will also see a significant decrease in CO2, marking an advance for sustainability in construction for future generations.

Heidelberg Materials’ 2030 Sustainability Commitments involve a multi-faceted approach to reaching net zero by 2050. Increased production of EcoCem®PLC is just one avenue to move closer to this goal. These Sustainability Commitments support a broad vision, not just for net zero, but for a future that is safe and inclusive, circular and resilient, and nature positive.

For more details, see the Sustainability section of our website.