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Revolve Recycled Aggregates

Reclaiming Value While Maintaining Quality And Performance.

Heidelberg Materials is excited to offer uncompromising quality in support of the circular economy with Revolve™ Recycled Aggregates. Suitable for a wide variety of applications —roadbase, subbase, structural fill, drainage applications, coarse and fine concrete  aggregate —Revolve™ plays a vital role in creating a closed-loop system that conserves resources and minimizes environmental impact.

Rethink, Reuse, Repeat

Revolve™ plays an important role in promoting the circular economy by reducing the need for new raw materials and minimizing waste, lessening the environmental impact across a wide variety of applications.


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Reclaiming Value

Recycling is often viewed as giving a product a second life. While true, its real value is not merely in extending the product’s life, but in reclaiming a material’s unique properties and benefiting from their reuse.

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Recycled And Repurposed

In the case of Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA), we’re able to harness the durability, strength and versatility of concrete, the world’s most widely used construction material, without the environmental impacts of extracting virgin materials to do so.

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To Create Quality

These qualities make RCA a prime example of the circular economy at work—extending the life of an already long-lasting product and enabling its use in new applications, including fresh concrete.

Stroudsburg Mine Reclamation Fill 

Information on Heidelberg Materials' Mine reclamation fill operations in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania – links to downloads: Mine Reclamation Fill Flyer and the Reclamation Fill Source Approval Request form

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Today’s Recycled Aggregates: What’s Changed?

Project specifications have long prohibited the use of recycled concrete aggregates, often based on the outdated perception that its performance is inferior to natural aggregates. However, innovations and advancements in material handling and processing have overcome this obstacle, revealing an untapped resource with many underlying benefits: Quality, Performance, Sustainability and Versatility.

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Quality & Performance

Today’s recycled aggregates: what’s changed? Through best management practices, Heidelberg Materials accepts and carefully separates a variety of waste concrete sources before screening and processing the materials to the same standards as virgin aggregates in meeting applicable specifications.

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•Roadbase and subbase (various size), •structural fill, drainage applications, coarse and fine concrete aggregate. •Incorporation into EvoBuild - combining the circular economy with carbon reductions, EvoBuild low carbon concretes can be optimized with RCA to create a high performing, sustainable concrete ideal for supporting green building objectives and ambitions.

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•Diversion of Waste from Landfills •Preservation of Natural Reserves •Reduced Transportation Emissions While natural aggregates are abundant, they are a resource with limited reserves, and quarries are increasingly moving away from urban centres. As a result, transportation emissions related to aggregate hauling are steadily rising. RCA, meanwhile, creates “urban quarries” at local concrete facilities or aggregate depot facilities that substantially reduce these emissions. In addition to the associated traffic.