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TX Active® Concrete that cleans itself and the environment

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Harness the self-cleaning and eco-friendly power of TX Active® Photocatalytic Cement


Fred D Thompson Courthouse


Tradition Meets Sustainability:

Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building, Nashville

The Fred D. Thompson U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building located in Nashville, Tennessee design combines the symmetry of classical architecture with contemporary elements that emphasize the building future-focus. Project designers took steps to maintain the cleanliness of the buildings facade and specified that its precast panels be cast using TX Active photocatalytic cement. The photocatalysts in TX Active cement react with sunlight and accelerate the oxidation processes that occur in nature, essentially making the concrete self-cleaning. This Courthouse project won the 2024 PCI Design Award for Sustainable Design and an honorable mention for Government and Public Buildings.

TX Active®: A beacon of eco-conscious design that goes beyond just aesthetics.

Innovative Nature-Inspired Design:

Palazzo Italia Expo 2025, Milan, Italy

The Palazzo Italia features a complex architectural design, with its exterior and select interior spaces resembling branches in a dense forest adorned with cement panels. These panels, infused with TX Active photocatalytic properties contributes to reducing smog, particularly in the heavily trafficked streets of Milan, and maintains the facade's brightness. The Palazzo Italia was the Overall Excellence and Decorative Concrete winner in the 2016 ACI Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards.

TX Active®: Elevating design while combatting air pollution.

Palazzo Italia with TX Active cement

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TX Active panels on a building at the UPENN



AEC Daily Course

This course examines photocatalytic technology which accelerates self-cleaning and fights air pollution while maintaining the mechanical and physical properties of traditional concrete.

Nashville Courthouse


Good, Clean Design

For more than a decade, our technology center has been studying photocatalysis and applying its applications in cementitious materials. Among our findings: cementitious materials represent the ideal solution for spreading photocatalysts widely and evenly over both the horizontal and vertical surfaces of architectural and structural elements.

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