Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation / Landfills

No sub soil, sawdust, peat, or fillers; Made with only quality Cascade Compost, well-graded sand, and/or sandy loam.

fine compost medium


Cascade Compost

Our compost is manufactured under ideal conditions which guarantee a quality finished product for use. Our material is a Registered Organic material, manufactured at three state of the art, moisture and air controlled facilities.

threeway topsoil



Premium all –purpose topsoil made with fine compost, clean mined, and screened sandy loam from select sources. Meets requirements for planting bed soil.

twoway topsoil



A mix of fine compost and clean-washed sand. Meets requirements for turf in Post Construction Soil Quality & Depth BMP in WDOE Stormwater manual. 





A mix of well- graded aggregate and fine compost to meet the rigorous Washington State and area County Specifications.

aminated Soil to Be Land-Filled*

beauty bark



Combination of ground hemlock and fir bark. Suitable for all landscape beds.

Garden Mulch


Cascade Garden Mulch

Premium mulch comprised of medium bark and compost. Suitable for all landscape beds where nutrient rich mulch is desired.

How to Order

Concrete: 253-891-6680, Ext 1      |     Aggregate/Gravel Products: 253-891-6680, Ext 2

Ready to order? Here are a couple steps to take that will ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. Simply determine the type of material and how much you will need to complete your project and give our sales staff a call/email. If you could use our help in making this determination, please feel free to call us. Our staff can help determine the type and quantity of material you will need. If further assistance is needed, a representative would be happy to come visit your job site.